£1m cash book for enterprising pupils in East Ayrshire.

Business and Skills Enterprise Centers (BESC) across East Ayrshire are being given £1m cash boost in order to encourage entrepreneurial qualities and to get more schools leavers into work, or training.

With the likes of Sir Tom Hunter, one of Scotland’s richest men backing the initiative, it is important that East Ayrshire schools use this money to the full potential and the skills and experiences that top businessmen and woman can bring to the development of Ayrshire’s young people.

With the £1m coming from a one off grant from the council, schools will be expected to come up with their own ways of funding after the money has run out if they wish to sustain the learning and training programmes.

Other business leaders involved with this initiative include Mark Strudwick, chief executive of the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust, Craig Stevenson from Norman Drummond of Drummond International and Columba 1400, Peter Hughes, chief executive of Scottish Engineering.

This is a great opportunity for the young people of East Ayrshire to engage in. Developing in the skills and knowledge required to be excellent entrepreneurs will enable our young people to be amongst the best business leaders in Scotland and hopefully in years to come the area will see benefits from this investment through the creation of local companies which in turn would bring jobs and wealth to East Ayrshire.

Both the SNP and Scottish Conservative Councillors back this proposal however once again the Labour Councillors have put up opposition to these proposals saying the money could be better spent. This is a typical response from Labour who seem to think businesses are not important to the future growth of our communities. Labour would happily see the money being spend on more public services which in turn would not create growth in our communities.


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