SNP fail on sectarian bill

In response Willie Coffey and hitting out at his rivals in the Kilmarnock standard last week, I have just a few comments.

The SNP government rushed into drafting a Bill to tackle sectarianism at football games, and on social media sites. As a result of this being rushed, as they wanted to be seen as the great protector within society, all they will do by passing this Bill is make matters worse.

An example of how bad things could be is shown through Tuesday’s debate. Community Safety Minister Roseanna Cunningham appeared to tell MSP’s on Holyrood’s justice committee that fans who cross themselves or sing the national anthem could face arrest if they were behaving in a way that could be threatening or offensive or incite public disorder. This is insane that the state will stop one blessing themselves and signing out national anthem, will this be the case at all football games? Would we stop the New Zealand team performing the Haka in Scotland as some find it offensive?

The Government need to take more time to explore the wider social problems in Scotland regarding sectarian and racial hatred. They need to see what can be done, be that early intervention through formal or informal education programmes, raising awareness campaigns, or enhancing the powers the police have.

We have a problem in Scottish society and it’s great that all four major parties here see the need to tackle the problem head on. Each party, as always, is proposing their own ideas however hopefully if some common sense fairy dust is sprinkled over Holyrood, Parliament may have an effective way to tackle this problem.


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