Another round of ‘anti-sccottis’ rhetoric

This week saw another round of senior SNP members insult thousands of Scots by using their “anti-Scottish” rhetoric.

Mike Russell MSP, the Education Secretary this week was accused of arrogance after he said Scottish Conservative support for tuition fees was “anti-Scottish”.

This follows from Joan McAlpine MSP, a parliamentary aide to the First Minister, stated in the chamber, “I make absolutely no apology for saying that the Liberals, the Labour Party and the Tories are anti-Scottish”.   McAlpine who must have been trying to get the boot also stated on twitter “Interfering in referendum is anti-Scottish as is refusal to compromise on popular desire 4 powers to Scotland.”

McAlpine has survived a number of calls for her to apologise and stand down; Mr Russell on the other hand has received no such calls to leave office.

The lack of action or condemnation from the First Minister is truly despicable. Thousands of Scots across this country are proud to be British, including our brave soldiers who so happily serve under the Queen and the British Government. To be called anti-Scottish is an insult. The First Minister must condemn these remarks and ensure this does not continue.

Ruth Davidson MSP thankfully responded to the comments by asking the First Minister to gain control of his members as what they are doing is attacking thousands of patriotic Scots who are proud to be British.

Speaking on the issue, Davidson said, “I’ll be in the stands at Murrayfield tomorrow, proud to support my country. How dare the SNP accuse the majority of the 67,500 fans in the stadium of being anti-Scottish because they are patriots but not Nationalists.

“Alex Salmond needs to get a grip of his party, all this nasty rhetoric is not helping us to have a positive debate about Scotland’s future.

“Just because you do not agree with everything the SNP says does not mean you are anti-Scottish or talking Scotland down.

“I am definitely Scottish, but I’m British too, and it’s an insult to me and thousands of others who feel this way to suggest we are somehow unpatriotic because we dare to challenge Alex Salmond’s independence dream.”


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