A spoon full of sugar for Scottish Labour?

The past 48 hours have been rather interesting for the Scottish Labour party in the west of Scotland. Johann Lamont MSP must be sitting in high command wondering why her medicine is not working to secure a united party fit for battle with the Nats and us Tories in May.

The Glasgow Council Labour Group has seen what can only be described as a ‘meltdown’ as five Labour Councillors vote against their own administrations budget.

This is something that is normally unheard of however several Councillors indicated their intentions to vote with the opposition due to the lack of substance in the budget and as a protest to the de-selection of some long standing Labour Councillors.

Moving south west of Glasgow Cllr Maureen McKay, the Labour Group Leader on East Ayrshire Council, failed to secure a vote of no confidence in the SNP run Council. Cllr McKay called the vote due to an apparent cover up by senior Council officials over Drew Filson’s bankruptcy declaration on the 9th December 2011. Cllr Mckay did not succeed in her recent bid to oust the administration and take the reins of the Council’s leadership seat.

These two events highlight the flaws within the Labour party. Clearly this party is in dire need of some strong medicine before the local government elections. As a perspective Council candidate myself I hope these events continue to happen as only highlights the weaknesses within the Labour party and how Labour are growing more and more out of touch with the people of Scotland.

Lamont should take note of the following statement from The Iron Lady “Yes, the medicine is harsh, but the patient requires it”.


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