SNP fails miserably to produce a budget to boost Scotland’s communities

The SNP passed its budget last Wednesday but refused to take on board positive proposals put forward by the Scottish Conservatives to boost economies in towns and villages across Scotland.

However, the SNP refused to reverse savage cuts to our college in Kilmarnock at a time when thousands of young people cannot get a job.

Wednesday’s budget bill also failed to include any new measures to help local businesses in Kilmarnock such as extending the small business bonus for new firms and introducing a business rates holiday for the first two years.

The Scottish Conservatives had also asked the SNP to put more money into providing more childcare for disadvantaged two year-olds in towns and villages such as Kilmarnock

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, Ruth Davidson MSP said:

“The SNP had a real opportunity in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday to make a difference to communities in Kilmarnock but they have failed miserably.

The Scottish Conservatives urged the Scottish Government to give local economies a real shot in the arm by investing in our further education colleges and taking action to help small businesses and struggling high streets in towns and villages such as Kilmarnock.

However, it seems that the SNP are more obsessed about their independence referendum, rather than concentrating on growing the economy and creating jobs in Kilmarnock”.

Scottish Conservative Council Candidate for Kilmarnock East & Hurlford Rob Murray said:

“During a time when youth unemployment is rising in Scotland and in Kilmarnock, this SNP Government stabbed Kilmarnock’s Youth in the back by giving them a £33 million blow to college funding.

When Youth unemployment rising to over 100,000 in Scotland, surely this SNP Government should be supporting young people in education, training or employment not trying to prevent them from doing so.

This SNP Government in a hint of hypocrisy has planned for £10,000 cut in the bursaries paid to those who need additional financial support to study.

The SNP have shown they cannot be trusted and make false promises when it comes to Education. Only with a strong Scottish Conservative team can we ensure Scotland’s young people do not face more barbaric cuts”.


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