McApline does it again!

It was not that long ago I was commenting on Joan McAlpline’s comments on calling unionist “anti-Scottish”. Well here we are again, instead this time McAlpline insults the thousands of woman in Scotland who suffer from domestic abuse and domineering relationships.

McAlpine in her new Daily Record column said,

“Dependence leaves you vulnerable and exposed. The union between Scotland and England is a bit like the marriage of a talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income, to a domineering man…..But the husband complains she can’t be trusted to manage her own money. She would squander it. Anyway, it isn’t really hers, it belongs to both of them. How selfish and greedy is she to even suggest keeping it to herself!
Here’s the deal. She hands over all her assets to him and he will give her a handout in return. He’ll decide the amount, but she can then spend it as she likes. Who can argue with that? But if she gets uppity, mind, her money will be cut. She should remember how lucky she is.
Eventually she recognises the relationship for what it is – an abuse of power.”

From this McAlpine finds it appropriate to compare her parties struggle to gain separation from the UK to the pain, depression, and struggle some woman find themselves in thanks to domineering relationships and domestic ‘abuse’. Does she have a clue what these woman have to go through?

McAlpine later in her article once again attacks unionist supporters by saying, “The anti-independence parties – Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat ….are just like the sexist old dinosaurs who insist men should handle the finances.”

McAlpine is a senior member of the Scottish Government and Alex Salmond’s team. She has clearly shown herself to be insensitive to the thousands of woman who suffer from domestic abuse or domineering relationships.

The First Minister needs to ask Joan McAlpine to stand down as she is a disgrace to the Scottish Parliament and clearly no longer represents the views of the people she represents.


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