Campaign update: Team Day

What a day! Out with the team in the morning delivering and speaking to residents in Kilmarnock East (Dick Institute of London Road), then went off to help Cllr Tom Cook speak to residents in his ward, and then back to Kilmarnock East for some more canvassing followed by a little bit of canvassing in Hurlford!

Key issues out of today: Local Councillors are only seen when they want someone elected, hopefully I have shown through my campaign over the pack couple of years, we are interested in the area and will continue to talk to residents if I am elected.

Jobs, people are worried about the lack of jobs in the area. If elected I will work tirelessly to attract jobs to East Ayrshire. I will work cross party on this and with successful businessmen and woman. With the loss of Johnnie Walker, we need to ensure we are attracting big businesses like Amazon or Samsung to the area.

Litter, graffiti and vandalism: residents were happy to see someone is finally pushing the council officers to get the area tidied up. I will continue work tirelessly to ensure our parks are clean and safe. Should East Ayrshire find that I can clean graffiti without breaking health and safety then I will go around the parks myself!

Finally, the broken pavements and roads. The council have simple tasks to do and one of which is ensure are pavements and roads are safe. Furnace Court in Hurlford is a disgrace and I will be working with the council and local media to get this sorted! I want East Ayrshire council to stop hiding behind the laws of adopted and non-adopted roads. They must stop wasting money on paintings for the area and use the money to fix our roads, even if they are not adopted, they still have a moral duty to work on them!

Hopefully I will get some of this sorted before the election, if not and I get in, I can promise I will be working hard for Kilmarnock East & Hurlford!


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