Local Labour team need to stop negative campaigning.

Busy and long day out on the campaign trail. I managed to speak to a lot of residents in NewFarm Loch. It appears Labour are up to their old tricks of saying vote for Labour to keep the Tories out. Well Cllrs i can tell you something that old chestnut ain’t cutting it. Voters care about local issues and who is supporting them locally.

During my time as a candidate and during the last couple of elections we have been working hard to work on local issues, cleaning up play parks, reducing business rates nationally, scrapping the ridiculous charging for waste removal, campaigning for better roads and pavements, and ensuring Kilmarnock gets its fair share of the town regeneration fund that the Scottish Conservatives pushed for nationally.

These are the things people care about not Labour lies about pensioners getting their Winter fuel allowance taken off of them or reducing their pension. Under this national coalition we have kept the winter fuel allowance and increased the state pension for the first time in many years to meet inflation. Pensioners will see an extra five pound odds in their pockets each month due to the Conservative Prime Minister.

We have taken millions of people out of paying tax due to moving the rate people start paying tax up to £10,000 by the end of this parliament. Did labour do this? No they increased the taxes we paid!

And another point from today, Labour really need to get to grips with who controls the Scottish NHS. It is the SNP Scottish Government not the Uk Coalition government. I had a resident today say she had a labour campaigner round at her door a couple of weeks ago saying don’t vote for your local Tory or NHS A&A will loose funding and there will be job cuts! NONSENSE. SNP control this not us.

Gordon Gree and Drew McIntyre really need to get their team in order, or it will cost them votes!


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