Campaign update from Kilmarnock East

Bust night speaking to residents in Kilmarnock East. A lot of important issues coming up tonight that i will be working on.

Lack of jobs and youth unemployment. The current Make it Kilmarnock working group have been working hard to attract businesses to the area and improve the look of the place. Whilst a lot has been done there is still a lot to do. I firmly believe we have a great opportunity with the new Kilmarnock College to revisit whats on offer and ensure we have courses in skilled and semi-skilled vocations. Having a highly trained and motivated workforce and youth will help Councillors to promote the area to businesses.

We need to get the council to look at other options for buildings being left empty. I would be in favour looking at the make up shop front that has been used down south. This however needs to be looked at with Councillors and local businesses. local businesses are making a huge effort to keep empty shops look attractive by having pictures of famous locations and they should be thanked for doing this.

A lot of worry tonight from the residents near the current Kilmarnock College site. I have given the commitment that i will write to the Conservative Group leader on the make it Kilmarnock group expressing these concerns and if elected i will be working with the group and local businesses to attract investment to the site. The site has a lot of potential and could bring jobs for locals if developed.

Another issue this evening was surrounding speeding cars near a school. I will be speaking to the council and our group leader tomorrow to see if we can get a 20mph restriction in place and look at the option of speed humps. A lot of residents are worried that a child will be run over one day when heading to school. I will be working on this now and hopefully pushing forward action if elected on the third of may.

Local residents were pleased to hear from one of their local council candidates, as i said to them, this election is about local issues and representing them. This is the main principle behind my campaign and if elected will continue to stand by this.


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