Jobs, Graffiti and dog mess: Issues from Hurlford

Beautiful afternoon in East Ayrshire today, which made my time talking to residents and delivering my pledge postcards all the more enjoyable.

A young guy about my age was telling me about how he did his mechanical apprenticeship completed it and there was a lack of jobs. He is now trying to find any job however feels let down that not enough is being done to attract skilled and semi-skilled jobs to East Ayrshire. We spoke at great length and I informed him about our manifesto commitment to look at how to attract businesses to the area by using incentives such as business rate reductions and holiday on those who employ ten people or more for national insurance. Something needs to be done urgently or we are going to have a generation collecting benefits.

Another resident I was speaking to was angry about the state of the local area, broken glass, dogs dirt and graffiti. He and other residents clean it up or paint over the graffiti the problems keep happening. Whilst I think it was great the work this man and other residents do is great( Big Society in actions), we need to be in a position where this is not happening. The Councillors need to look at the number of environmental wardens, increase on the spot fines and really cramp down on this anti-social behaviour.


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