Ensuring East Ayrshire is the hub of business

The past four weeks have been fantastic for the residents in Kilmarnock and East Ayrshire. Kilmarnock football team brought back the cup and the announcement of the new Kilmarnock College.

The plans of the new college look fantastic and the Make it Kilmarnock committee and the College Principle should be proud for the work they have put in.

The new college will give a life line to the area and it is key that we the local people, the college and Councillor’s grab onto this life line with both hands.

My vision is that the Kilmarnock College develops vocational courses in skilled and un-skilled trades, computing technology, and entrepreneurship . Through developing these courses we can ensure our young people are equipped for the future job market.

There is also a big task ahead for our Councillors, and our Provost. We need them to be out acting as ambassadors for the area, telling businesses why they should come to Kilmarnock. Reasons to come to Kilmarnock should be; reduced business rates that don’t rise beyond inflation, promotion of a small business bonus schemes, removing the top cap for planning fees for large businesses which will provide a very welcome boost in funding, promoting the reasonable rents we can offer, and ensuring people know that the Kilmarnock workforce is motivated, skilled and experienced.

Kilmarnock and East Ayrshire can be the hub of business again, we all need to work together think long term and be open minded.  This is our life line, and if elected on 3rd May 2012, I and the other Scottish Conservatives will be working hard to ensure we have a positive change for our future.


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