Time to get tough over rubbish

After a number of residents in Braehead Court raised concern about the amount of litter and glass down by the riverbank and park area in Kilmarnock, I spent the afternoon on sunday along with other activists cleaning up the mess.

I was disgusted to see how much rubbish we managed to take out of the bushes and pathways down by the tennis court and riverbank. There was everything from blue bags, bottles of vodka, cans of beer, medicine bottles, a drain pipe, leather chair and much more.

I was upset to see such a great walk way littered like this. Children play in this green space and dogs roam about, when there is glass lying around this becomes a huge health and safety issue.

Whilst it is the responsibility of the Council to ensure our parks and pathways are kept clean it is also our responsibility to ensure we use the bins provided when disposing of rubbish, and I would call on those that are littering to do everyone a favour, and put their litter in the many bins provided.

There are great facilities to dispose of large items for free, so there is no need to dump unwanted good in our green space.

The Council need to ensure they are doing regular checks and clearing up the mess, some areas are better than others, however when an area like the riverbank is in such a dire mess, there is a real problem.

I am well aware, from what I seen over the past few months and through listening to local residents, that the other side of the river is littered with blue bags. A request has gone into the council and the group Leader of the Scottish Conservatives is putting pressure on for me to get this cleaned up.

I have been working throughout the past few months to try and tidy up the place of litter, and vandalism. If successful on the 3 May, I will be making this a top priority for the area and will be asking the council to get tough on those that drop litter.


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