Affordable local housing and respectful residents: campaign update.

I spoke to a young family today who were raising concern about the lack of affordable housing in the area. They spoke about how things were a lot better for buyers when his parents and grandparents were buying a home. They now own ex-council houses, and this was down to the popular right to buy scheme introduced by the Conservative party and abolished by the Labour party.

I too can relate to this couple as it is too difficult to find the deposit for buying a house, let alone an affordable one.

My commitment is to work with local developers to encourage them to build new affordable housing in the area. Work is being done by local firms however a lot more can be done if the red tape is removed be that unrealistic planning processes and high pricing on land or rates.

I am a keen advocate of social housing and the previous right to buy scheme and I think Councillors need to look at promoting this within the area.

Another concern cropping up in relation to housing is that of noisy neighbours or neighbours who let their gardens turn into junk yards. Our commitment as Scottish Conservatives in East Ayrshire is that a zero tolerance approach needs to be taken. This can be done through initial tenancy agreements, ensuring that they have sections to them referring to committing anti-social behaviour. During this campaign I have had far too many calls from residents about inconsiderate neighbours. We need to respect each other and punish those who commit anti-social behaviour.


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