Retreat to the bunker says East Ayrshire Labour

There we have it, I read online that Labour in East Ayrshire are too worried about getting their suits and hair wet than speak to local people face to face on the door step, any excuse for them to bail out of a hard day’s work!

Whilst some Labour candidates were sipping cups of coffee, I was out listening to residents in NewFarm Loch and delivering my pledge postcard from the early hours. I also enjoyed a visit to the Craft Fair in Kilmarnock today. Well done to Laura and Dawn for pulling the day off, I hope all stall holders got a few sales!

For those who thankfully invited me in for a little chat, out of the rain, it was clear people are fed up with their local Councillors. Whilst three of our local Councillors have made great contributions to the area, people think it’s time for a new active way of doing things in East Ayrshire Council Chamber. Residents were telling me they want a Councillor who goes out, listens to people and then represents them in the chamber, tackles issues such as I have been doing on anti-social behaviour,n support the elderly,  housing, and education. That’s the Councillor they want and if elected on the 3 May, that’s the Councillor I will be and they can hold me to it.

So, my parting message is, keep the rain coming. Labour you stay in your bunker with tea and coffee, ignoring the views of local people. SNP, try and be supportive of new people to the area, and take a look at my site and leaflets to see the local policies people agree with. A wave of change is not that far, a vote for change is a vote for Rob Murray.


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