Campaign update: Newfarm Loch & Local businesses

Well what a difference a day makes. Yesterday was certainly the wettest day of the campaign, none the less, I enjoyed being invited into people’s houses for a little chat and a little respite from the rain.

Today was lovely and dry, as a result I managed to listen to a lot of residents about the local issues that matter most to them, and even managed to get a slice of lemon drizzle!

I managed to speak to a retired Council worker at great length. He was raising concerns about the image of the area that he has stayed in for most of his life.

He felt the area has been forgotten by the Councillors who promise the world and never deliver. The gentleman also spoke about the mess of our parks and was pleased to see that I was standing up for our children by campaigning on cleaner and safer parks.

I also managed to visit a local business in Kilmarnock and spoke with the owner a great length about how Council officials have too much control over Councillors and don’t treat local businesses with the respect they deserve. Throughout my campaign I have spoken at length about the amount of power Council officials have. If elected on the 3 May I promise that power will be given to residents in Kilmarnock East & Hurlford. The people will be telling me which stances to take and I will be making sure Council bosses carry the peoples work out not their agenda.

The Council Chambers on London Road are for the people of East Ayrshire not for the Council officials.


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