Support for Young people.

Nearly half a million young people are set to benefit as £1 billion becomes available to help get them into new jobs or training.

Under the new plans:

  • Businesses can now take on under 25s, with 160,000 wage incentives worth up to £2,275.This process has been made simple for businesses and the amount is more than enough to cover an employer’s National Insurance contributions for employing a young person for a year.
  • An extra 250,000 work experience places will be provided over the next three years. Every 18 to 24 year-old Jobseekers Allowance claimant who wants one will now be able to take up a placement before receiving more intensive support offered through the Work Programme.

This is a welcomed life line from the UK Conservative led government. Here in Kilmarnock East & Hurlford, I hear from many young students and parents worried about what the future holds.

Having a clear vision for the area is critical in these local elections and I hope I have informed people of my vision of our young people. Work placements and apprenticeships need to be accelerated and one way this can be done is by local Councillors speaking to businesses and highlighting the benefits of investing in local young people and through targetted courses for specific fields such as engineering and computing.

If elected on the 3 May, I will make it one of my top priorities to speak to local businesses about helping our local young people gain employment or engage in work based training.


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