Caring for the Elderly is a priority

Caring for the Elderly is a priority for any Councillor. The Conservatives have shown they are serious about supporting the elderly as shown through the first real times increase in state pension for a generation. From April 2012 those on a state pension will receive a £5.30 weekly increase.

I believe people deserve dignity and respect in old age, and they should be given the support they need. This means safeguarding key benefits and pensions. My commitmented if elected on the 3 May is to:

  • ensure every elderly resident in Kilmarnock East, NewFarm Loch, Crookedholm and Hurlford are in the appropriate accommodation to meet their needs.
  • ensure we as a Council support any elderly person who wishes to stay in their home.
  • ensure support services such as home helps, and personal care assistants are not taken away from the vulnerable.
  • engage with and support elderly forums and elderly social groups, to ensure their voice is not missed when representing the views of local people in the chamber.

If the long standing members of our community put their trust in me on 3 May by voting Rob Murray 1, I will stand by my pledges above to support the elderly.


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