To adopt the roads or not to adopt, that is the question

Just in after a long and hard day on the campaign trail, however a very positive one.

Today I was speaking to residents in Hurlford and the Birds in Kilmarnock East. Residents were glad to see a new fresh thinking candidate appear on the scene and from the reactions I was getting there might just be a hint of change in the air.

Residents in Furnace Court they were telling and showing me the terrible state of the roads and pavements. One lady in particular had spoken to the Councillors several times and was given the response ‘it’s not adopted so we can’t do anything’. What type of response is this? Nothing is impossible; it might be hard work however anything can be achieved.

I have written to the Scottish Conservative Group leader highlighting the problem and seeing if a risk assessment can be carried out and if deemed to be a risk, work done to repair the pavements.

It doesn’t stop there. If elected on the 3 May, I will be launching a campaign to get the Council to adopt roads and pavements from more than 10 years ago and where the company has gone bust. It’s shocking that Councillors are shying away from sorting out this problem and shrugging their duties. Residents pay their taxes and one of the things the Council is to do is repair our pavements and roads. Morally Councillors have a duty here even if they legally don’t have to.

So come the 3 May, the fight will continue to ensure our roads are safe.


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