Campaign update form Kilmarnock East

Yesterday and today were really positive. Spent my time in Kilmarnock East- Wellpark, near the College, and down by the school. Residents were really are happy to see an alternative to what they have just now in Council. They have been refreshed to see a candidate out listening to their worries, and their concerns. Residents have responded positively to my vision on job creation, housing, education, safer and cleaner parks, road ways and so on.

Today I heard from a local business woman from the shop on Holehouse road. We spoke about our great town and the work that needs to happen to ensure we attract jobs to the area. I mentioned the response I was getting from residents regarding the old Kilmarnock College site and some of my ideas for ensuring it wasn’t left to rot once the college left. An idea proposed by the young woman was to turn the old college into a shopping centre for brand names such as Foot Locker, Primark, Fat Face, just to name a few.

As I have said before, if successful on the 3 May, I will be making the development of the old Kilmarnock College site a priority so that when it does become empty, plans are in place for its future.

My campaign has been about looking to the future and working on the issues residents present. Residents have liked what they have heard from me and enjoyed the fresh thinking and honesty from a candidate. I hope they remember there is an alternative to what they have just now, they can have a fresh, active and passionate Councillor. Vote Rob Murray 1


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