Tax system that’s fair.

Interesting comment made to me this evening, “why do you grudge paying taxes to help the most vulnerable?”

My response is a simple one, I believe in paying taxes to help those most vulnerable in society. I don’t pay a high amount of tax for those lazy, work shy people. Yes these people are in the minority however they take the biscuit and it’s about time this government got tough on them.

Those who are fit to work should be forced to do a minimum of 25hrs a week voluntary work in the community- helping the elderly, young offenders, and other areas lacking support. Also the idea of people coming over from Europe, taking a free education then spending a lifetime on benefits must stop. All EU nationals on UK state benefits must be sent home. If this mean in return UK citizens claiming benefits in EU countries are returned then so be it.

Hard working families are keeping this country afloat and it’s about time this government supported and respected us. Increase tax threshold to £16,000 then flat rate the tax up to £40,000. Stopping the 3p fuel increase is also a must.

Small government, low taxes, hard on lazy benefit scroungers and protect the most vulnerable.


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