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Tax system that’s fair.

Interesting comment made to me this evening, “why do you grudge paying taxes to help the most vulnerable?”

My response is a simple one, I believe in paying taxes to help those most vulnerable in society. I don’t pay a high amount of tax for those lazy, work shy people. Yes these people are in the minority however they take the biscuit and it’s about time this government got tough on them.

Those who are fit to work should be forced to do a minimum of 25hrs a week voluntary work in the community- helping the elderly, young offenders, and other areas lacking support. Also the idea of people coming over from Europe, taking a free education then spending a lifetime on benefits must stop. All EU nationals on UK state benefits must be sent home. If this mean in return UK citizens claiming benefits in EU countries are returned then so be it.

Hard working families are keeping this country afloat and it’s about time this government supported and respected us. Increase tax threshold to £16,000 then flat rate the tax up to £40,000. Stopping the 3p fuel increase is also a must.

Small government, low taxes, hard on lazy benefit scroungers and protect the most vulnerable.


A day of community events

With this being the Jubilee weekend, we had a number of great events here in East Ayrshire including the Mauchline Holy Fair, the Newmilns Cattle show and Bonnyton gala event.

There was a positive turn out at all events, and as a proud unionist it was great to see the Union Jack flying.

The Mauchline Holy Fair was packed full of local people and people visiting the area. A lot of passionate people promoting their produce, such as an independent wine merchant, and Cameron’s Confectionery who produce homemade tablet – they are well worth a look and a taste!

There was a great sense of community about the fair and it was marvelous to see on the community stage up-to-date music for those who like pop and for those with traditional tastes in music there were the choirs and folk singers in the church. Well done to the organising committee for a great day.

I was proud to see at the Newmilns show many famers, highlighting the work they do here in Ayrshire. I really enjoyed the various activates on show and seeing so many young people at the event.

One day around East Ayrshire and we are bursting with pride in our local communities. Next week sees the official day for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and here in East Ayrshire we have our own special event with the torch visiting the area.

What a great place to live, Make it Kilmarnock!

Discrimination is at the heart of the living wage.

I see from the media that Labour pay masters, the trade unions are once again pushing for local authorities across the country to introduce a living wage for public sector workers. I see they have also asked for a £1,000 flat rate payment.

What are they playing at? This proposal is wrong on so many levels.

I was disappointed with the SNP who instead of holding their ground jumped on this policy as a manifesto commitment for the Scottish Council elections. From discussions I have had with many SNP Councillors and activists, it is clear they do not support this discriminatory policy.

My first objection to this proposal is that it is deep rooted discrimination to the majority of our population. They are saying that the national minimum wage, which Labour introduced in the 1998 National Minimum Wage Act, is only good for some sections of society and not others. If Labour desired a living wage they should have increased the national minimum wage to £7.20, instead they have jumped on the band wagon and are once again threatening our local economies.

Secondly, how can local authorities pay for this increase? Councils are already strapped for cash due to the SNP’s council tax freeze; many have had to dip into reserves to make the books balance. Increasing wages to £7.20ph and giving a £1,000 flat payment to some public sector workers would most certainly cripple local authorities. Many SNP Councillors know this as do many Tory Councillors, when will Labour see sense and stop dancing to the tune of their union pay masters?

My final point relates to the middle to high income public sector workers who, as I have been told by a few Councillors, may have legal grounds to challenge for a wage increase if the living wage is implemented for the lower grades. This would cost local authorities a lot of money and would most defiantly put their books into the red.

I am most certainly fed up of hearing Labour and the trade unions bang on about unfair pay freezes. There are many out there who work for the third sector or the private sector who are out of jobs, or took a real time pay cut. Having any job in this climate that Labour created is a bonus.

This policy that Labour has been so badly pushing for is nothing other than a tune their trade union pay masters want played. SNP and Tory Councillors must fight off this discriminatory policy to ensure fairness and stable local budgets.

East Ayrshire Tories form Coalition with SNP

East Ayrshire Council last week became a stronger place when the Scottish Conservative and SNP Councillors put their party issues aside to work in the interests of local people.

Many will know ideologically the two parties are apposed with one supporting the United Kingdom with another wanting to separate us. This could have easily of been a barrier to the partnership but no, our politicians worked out how they would work together for the people of East Ayrshire.

It’s most welcomed also that Cllr Jim Todd will be our Provost. I am sure he will a great ambassador for our town and I hope he will work with young people to reengage them into believing in the Council and our Coucnillors.

The first priority of this council must be to review the towns plans for growth and expansion. We need to clean the area up and mobilise our workforce. Only by doing this can we expand the town and attract business

Thank you for a pleasant campaign

I would like to thank the residents of Kilmarnock East, Newfarm Loch, Crookedholm and Hurlford for a pleasant election campaign. I enjoyed listening to people on their doorsteps about their desire for change, and desire for a better area for them to live and their children to grow up in.

During the campaign I promoted my vision and action plan for our area, the plan to make East Ayrshire the hub of business again. There was support however it appears the national picture affected our local campaign.

Thank you to all those residents who voted for me, and I am just sorry we didn’t get enough votes on 3rd May to get me elected into council.

I would also like to thank my campaign team for all the hard work they put in delivering leaflets, knocking doors and standing at polling stations.

I wish the four returning Councillors well and hope that they fight fully for every resident in the ward and take the debate out to the doorsteps.

We need to bring back trust into politics to ensure our Councillors are elected by more than thirty odd percent of the vote.

I will be continuing to fight for local people and look forward to what the future holds.

Thank you for a great campaign and together we can achieve a lot

At the end of a hard fought election campaign, I wanted to say a thank you for the enormous support I have received in Kilmarnock East, Newfarm Loch, Crookedholm and Hurlford.

As I have listened to residents on the doorsteps many people have mentioned, our graffiti problems in parks, parking problems, anti-social behaviour and attracting business to the area, as the issues which concern them most. I have been working closely with service providers to ensure we have a plan to tackle these issues, and I am supporting many residents in their bid to see more police patrols in all areas not just trouble zones.

Our area is unique, and I fully support local peoples ambitions to ensure great assets in our community such as the Dick Institute, Burns Monument, Dean Country Park and Palace Theatre are continued to be maintained to a high standard.

If residents support me tomorrow I pledge to work hard on these and other concerns to make this area the best place to live and work in Ayrshire.

This election for me is about what is best for our area and everyone that lives in it. I believe in representing you and your concerns in the chamber, and promoting our area to businesses. I would relish the opportunity to serve you, and your family, as your local Councillor.

In order to ensure we have a change in Councillors residents need to mark a 1 next to Rob Murray. Together we can achieve a lot for our area.

Campaign up-date from Kilmarnock East & Newfarm loch

With two days to go until the big day, I was out again listening to voters about the issues that matter to them. Today I was in Newfarm Loch and the Glebe area of Kilmarnock.

Fantastic response to my positive vision for the area and the key points we as a local group are pushing for in our manifesto.
One younger couple mentioned that they were enjoying the updates on my website, felt it a breath of fresh air that we have a candidate engaging with people on their terms not a stuffy leaflet (I have to admit I have put out a few leaflets).

An issue coming out of today was that of speeding cars near loan head primary school. This issue has come up before and whilst there are two speed bumps, we really do need to look at sorting out this issue as we need to ensure or children are safe.

Campaign update form Kilmarnock East

Yesterday and today were really positive. Spent my time in Kilmarnock East- Wellpark, near the College, and down by the school. Residents were really are happy to see an alternative to what they have just now in Council. They have been refreshed to see a candidate out listening to their worries, and their concerns. Residents have responded positively to my vision on job creation, housing, education, safer and cleaner parks, road ways and so on.

Today I heard from a local business woman from the shop on Holehouse road. We spoke about our great town and the work that needs to happen to ensure we attract jobs to the area. I mentioned the response I was getting from residents regarding the old Kilmarnock College site and some of my ideas for ensuring it wasn’t left to rot once the college left. An idea proposed by the young woman was to turn the old college into a shopping centre for brand names such as Foot Locker, Primark, Fat Face, just to name a few.

As I have said before, if successful on the 3 May, I will be making the development of the old Kilmarnock College site a priority so that when it does become empty, plans are in place for its future.

My campaign has been about looking to the future and working on the issues residents present. Residents have liked what they have heard from me and enjoyed the fresh thinking and honesty from a candidate. I hope they remember there is an alternative to what they have just now, they can have a fresh, active and passionate Councillor. Vote Rob Murray 1