Ruth Davidson visiting East Ayrshire. Cllr Tom Cook, Cllr Rose-ann Cuninghame and Rob Murray all at the Burns Monument.


Rob disgusted by the vandalism in the Kay Park, he has launched several campaigns in the Kilmarnock Standard and has campaigned to the Council on solving the problem.


Rob with Scottish Conservative Leader Ruth Davidson.


Rob cleaning up junk left in the local area, the big society in action.


Rob with Provost Stephanie Young and Cllr Tom Cook, two high profile and dedicated Conservatives.


Rob with Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, Baroness Warsi


Rob and Cllr Cook outside The Dick Institute,  a great local asset in Kilmarnock.


Rob looking at a local hidden treasure, sculpture of books up at the Burn Monument.


Rob is extremely excited about the potential of the new Kilmarnock College. He is however worried about what the future will hold for the old site. Rob will be working with everyone concerned if elected to ensure the site is sold and developed quickly.


Rob beside the Dean Ford. This has been a huge issue for the local community when flooding or icing takes place. Rob is pleased that work is planned for a new bridge however wants safe guards in place to ensure there is not an increase in the volume or speed of the traffic.


Another children’s play area that has been vandalised and the Council took its time to remove.


Rob at the construction site of the Willowbank special school. This is a great addition to the area and will support many children and young people.


Rob helping to clean up the area again, the level of rubbish across East Ayrshire is terrible.

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