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A day of community events

With this being the Jubilee weekend, we had a number of great events here in East Ayrshire including the Mauchline Holy Fair, the Newmilns Cattle show and Bonnyton gala event.

There was a positive turn out at all events, and as a proud unionist it was great to see the Union Jack flying.

The Mauchline Holy Fair was packed full of local people and people visiting the area. A lot of passionate people promoting their produce, such as an independent wine merchant, and Cameron’s Confectionery who produce homemade tablet – they are well worth a look and a taste!

There was a great sense of community about the fair and it was marvelous to see on the community stage up-to-date music for those who like pop and for those with traditional tastes in music there were the choirs and folk singers in the church. Well done to the organising committee for a great day.

I was proud to see at the Newmilns show many famers, highlighting the work they do here in Ayrshire. I really enjoyed the various activates on show and seeing so many young people at the event.

One day around East Ayrshire and we are bursting with pride in our local communities. Next week sees the official day for the Queens Diamond Jubilee and here in East Ayrshire we have our own special event with the torch visiting the area.

What a great place to live, Make it Kilmarnock!


East Ayrshire Tories form Coalition with SNP

East Ayrshire Council last week became a stronger place when the Scottish Conservative and SNP Councillors put their party issues aside to work in the interests of local people.

Many will know ideologically the two parties are apposed with one supporting the United Kingdom with another wanting to separate us. This could have easily of been a barrier to the partnership but no, our politicians worked out how they would work together for the people of East Ayrshire.

It’s most welcomed also that Cllr Jim Todd will be our Provost. I am sure he will a great ambassador for our town and I hope he will work with young people to reengage them into believing in the Council and our Coucnillors.

The first priority of this council must be to review the towns plans for growth and expansion. We need to clean the area up and mobilise our workforce. Only by doing this can we expand the town and attract business

Davidson visits Kilmarnock East & Hurlford

Pleasure joining the leader of the Scottish Conservative Party Ruth Davidson MSP in her visit to East Ayrshire. Glad i was able to highlight the great work of the staff at the Burns monument within Kilmarnock East & Hurlford.

Ruth was very keen to visit the area and talk about how we as Scottish Conservatives would work hard to ensure job creation and growth is a priority for our council group.

Ruth joined the team in visiting some other business treasurers in East Ayrshire and spoke to local people in Kilmarnock town centre.